For gamers designed by gamers

Gaming servers purely made for gamers

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We are starting with Rust servers in South Africa.

Currently we have a ZA Vanilla and ZA 10x modded server

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Servers designed to give you the most enjoyment.

Our Rust servers established in 2019, and we are growing bigger and better.

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This is more than just servers, this is making friends, having fun and just pure survival.

Dont be us and tell us what you think. tell us what you want to see in future servers. Let us know what country you are from and maybe you will get a small suprise...

Servers optimised for pure performance

From a dedicated hosting company to back-end support and service

World Wide Gaming Servers

We are dedicated to bring gaming to our players and supporters. We started HelioxPrime in South Africa and planning our next servers to start up in Europe. We will expand to more locations in the future.

No unfair Advantages

There is no pay to win bullshit. Players are treated without any bias and will never recieve any kind of advantage. Please see our Premium Features regarding our modded servers.

Enviromental Friendly Power Sytems

Our servers are hosted on Solar systems and dedicated power backup systems for the rainy days.

This means no server downtime and just pure uninterupted gaming for all.

Premium Supporter

Dedicated servers is not cheap, we rely on our supporters to keep our servers up and running, there is no monthly contracts or debit order demands, you pay as you play. All payments will be going directly to our servers and opens the path for future servers and gaming enjoyment

Minimal Downtime

Our hosting company ensures that all game servers are always up and running smoothly. From deplyoing updates to handeling server issues and faults.

Network Optimized

Our hosting company ensures that Bandwidth usage is reduced which minimizes issues for players with limited internet speeds, especially on higher population servers.

Pure fun and enjoyment in the gaming field

By using some of the best brands of gaming gear you can maximise your gaming experience.

Keep gaming and have fun

We want to thank you for using our services for your entertainment. we will stive to keep you our players happy and rocking the digital world